After few days here we are with a newly downloadable version of Moebius, now v1.1.1
It’s basically a fix of previously released v1.1.0  where SD autoresizing feature never worked with bigger SD cards (>=8Gb).
With previous v1.1.0 parted utility was dropped in favor of fdisk due to its minor dependencies and disk space size but it seems to produce a slightly different output when dealing with bigger cards. It’s not a big change but users on forums properly marked this issue and I have decided to release a new version to correct moebius.config utility and avoid manual patching or package upgrades for noobs. Image is even a little bit bigger to avoid troubles promptly noted by you with some low cost chinese sd cards.
If you’re using v1.1.0 with small SD cards and you have already resized it without troubles you may even ignore this upgrade, download it if you’re dealing with bigger cards and previous SD autoresize feature didn’t worked as expected.

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5 responses to Moebius v1.1.1 available (SD autoresize fix)

  1. Oxynux on 2013/05/19 at 12:23 am

    Thanks for the fix 😀

  2. biospank on 2013/05/19 at 9:45 am

    great release!! 🙂 thank you

  3. Eduardo García Sanz on 2013/05/20 at 10:11 pm

    Great distro, thank you for this.

  4. Tinjaw on 2013/05/28 at 2:45 am

    I have had the idea for focused appliances running on RPis, but didn’t actually think I could find a minimal distro. Your project looks promising. Are you currently the only one working on it?

    • ben on 2013/05/29 at 1:04 am

      I have started it for having a little bit of fun with my own RPi, stuff like cutting memory consumption, removing services and things like that. Now it seems to be quite-decent but there’re a lot of possible optimizations to improve it. I’m alone at the moment and there’re so many things to do, support forum, blogs, mail, killing spam, comments …and coding… 🙂
      I’m also working on other projects too, one of them is directly related to a more optimized RPi distro (glibc, smaller kernel, less disk space wasted), mail me if you’d like to discuss about something