One nice feature available with Moebius is the SD autoresizing feature, when using the raspi-config utility there’s an option for autoresizing/autofitting your SD card. Moebius binary image available in the download section¬†is about 900Mb when uncompressed, so it will fit in every SD card starting with the less common 1Gb size, maybe more common many years ago. You can put the binary image in your favorite SD spare card, then with this resize feature your root partition will be automatically resized to fit the whole card and it will create an additional swap area according to your space ¬†capabilities: 50Mb for a 1Gb SD, 250Mb for a 2Gb SD, 500Mb for every card from 4Gb and more.

Your root partition will fit the remaining space, Moebius is the only OS for the Raspberry PI capable of running on a 1Gb card, obviously you’ll have more room when using larger SD cards but if you just need a basic image a 1Gb card will suffice.

Improved script available from v1.0.1 will take extra care when dealing with various SD cards and uses more conventional tecniques when dealing with various SD card geometries, it will reboot your Raspberry PI twice: first boot is needed after altering your SD partitions, the second boot is needed to inform the kernel and use resize2fs in a clever way

Take a look at it with a spare 1Gb (or more) card and see the difference, you don’t even need to manually resize the card, everything is done automatically. This feature is available in the Debian ARMHF port and it will be ported in the barebone buildroot image as well

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2 responses to Autoresizing SD Partitions

  1. Roland on 2012/10/04 at 1:37 pm

    What is the login username and password for the Raspberry Pi?