Here’s a new version of Moebius Linux for Raspberry Pi boards, version v1.1.0 is now marked as stable and freely available from download area. Some major improvements are now inside this new image, first of all there’s a full support for newer 512Mb boards as well as for 256Mb versions. This new release image has been shrinked a little bit more but this is not the only news, in fact here are major improvemens: Continue reading →


After a long period of inactivity here are some news for you: version 1.1.x is on the run, there are just few minor cleanups for it but it should be available in the next few days. Major improvements are related to new 512Mb boards (and Hynix boards), overclocking and some cleanup to have an even smaller image.
I’m working on the latest release candidate and after few minor improvements I’ll release it quickly

Check the blog in the next week

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I have just received new boards from Farnell so I can speed up the Moebius Linux development process, previous board is now running as a stable machine inside my Raspi ALU Case, I have purchased new boards for developing purposes and I have just built a new case with PVC parts at no cost, as usual I have documented the entire process, take a look and let me know what you think about it.
Raspberry Pi PVC Case at no cost
Previous aluminium case was intended for a “production” machine or for a small server when
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I have finally received a confirmation from Farnell, after nearly two months and I’ve finally got an informative note about my new boards.

As you may know I’ve a scheduled pipeline for the development process and I’m using my current Raspberry Pi with a “stable” version of Moebius on it. Development stopped for a while in these days, after getting the original board in May (I guess I’m one of the lucky guys in the first batch) I’ve spent some time on it and I’ve released a running distro with Raspbian repo packages, I ordered new boards in the beginning of september so I can keep a board with a running Moebius and I can cross compile and make further tests on other boards.

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As you already know there’s a new upgrade for Model B boards, now that is possible to order more than a card and I have placed a new order for other Raspberry Pi cards.

The first card I have ordered is now running as a stable personal server, I’m not using it as a development station anymore but for doing for some serious stuff, the ALU case is its new enclosure and it’s intended as a stationary computing platform.

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Everybody is going crazy with these Raspberry Pi cards, it’s a nice board with a lot of potential and one of the common activities seen in these months around the web is case construction, there’re also  websites with rankings and user polls. As every geek I’d like to show you my personal Raspi case built with alumium and recycled parts:

Raspi ALU Case

I’m using the raspberry as a SOHO server for providing services for a LAN, it has Continue reading →


Now it’s time to finally connect all these pieces to get the planned case, as mentioned in previous post I’ve worked on the front panel with a dremel, here’s the result:

Raspberry case (front panel)

I’ve created a small cable extension so I can insert the PSU on the front panel that it’s internally Continue reading →


Now it’s time for the case to face off cabling and fixing problems involved with the Pi, to get a clean solution I’ve wisely created few holes on the Raspi PVC handler, as shown from the picture below
Raspberry case (pvc base)

Here are: Continue reading →

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In this second post I’ll show you some details of what’s inside my case. To place the Raspberry card I’ve initially thought about using a cheap plywood piece as a base but I’ve immediately switched to the more reliable, insulated, and accurate PVC. Continue reading →


Here’s a reason why I’ve delayed few requests and mods on the Moebius image: I’ve played with some hardware for a while and created new things. Now I’ve added an hardware section where I’ll surely publish datasheets, projects and mods related to the hardware side of the Raspi, you’ll see the new Hardware menu on the top, take a look

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