Everybody is going crazy with these Raspberry Pi cards, it’s a nice board with a lot of potential and one of the common activities seen in these months around the web is case construction, there’re also  websites with rankings and user polls. As every geek I’d like to show you my personal Raspi case built with alumium and recycled parts:

Raspi ALU Case

I’m using the raspberry as a SOHO server for providing services for a LAN, it hasSamba, DNS, DHCP, NTPD, UPNP, rsync for a small media server; obviously with Moebius Linux loaded on it.

This case has the Raspberry and an integrated USB hub, the board takes power source from the same hub and uses it to expand available ports (overall 5+1 ports are free), Power supply is provided from a 5V 1.5A PSU, enough to serve multiple peripherals along with the Raspi. Integrated ethernet connection allows it to connect to the web and usb ports are commonly used for usb storage and a serial to usb adapter (for the serial console)

Here are more photos of it

Raspi ALU Case (Left Side)
Left side

Raspi ALU Case (Right Side)

Right side


I’ve also provided full details regarding the construction process so you can build your own too, contact me if you’re interested in it. Moebius is loaded on it, the process also shows the insulation steps taken to avoid mistakes with aluminium conductivity, I’ve taken ideas from common retail PCs where the case is build with conductive material but motherboard and other critical components are kept separated from it.

Hardware section for further projects
The collection of the Raspi ALU Case posts (with detailed instructions)

Feel free to discuss the process or leave me comments on it, I hope you’ll enjoy it


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6 responses to Raspi ALU Case

  1. alok on 2012/10/19 at 8:59 pm

    After all that trouble wouldn’t make more sense to just make the usb connection internal and also do one for the ethernet so that it, one, hides this hack, and second can align the Ethernet and usb connections.

    As in make the case more long than wide and hide the original usb and ethernet ports inside.

    • ben on 2012/10/19 at 10:27 pm

      I must agree with you about the Raspberry USB port but here are few constraints: I’ve just that piece of aluminium and an internal raspberry won’t fit in it, I must build an extension for the ethernet port and it will increase the whole size and the cost (currently 0.00€/$/£).

      But I must consider your comments for a more improved version with an internal Pi and just the outside hub for the I/O access, I don’t like the horrible usb cable coming out from it, thanks for contributing

  2. maniaci137 on 2012/10/19 at 10:10 pm

    Dude. Great job, but please invest in a right-angle USB cord.

    I’d cut those cables open and shorten them, too. But, if you’re averse to that, you can just use a right angle extension cable:


    $2. Can’t beat that.

    Again, great case!

    • ben on 2012/10/19 at 10:40 pm

      2$ is a fair price for a cable, I really love it. I must admit I was looking for something like that in my local retail stores but it’s impossible to find them in the place where I live. I’ve also looked at Farnell but for a 90° USB A cable the retail price was obscene so I’ve tried to use what was available in my desk. As observed from another reader a cleaner solution might be to totally hide the Raspberry internally, I’ll keep all your suggestions to improve my next creation. Thanks for sharing


  3. Ronnie Berlanga on 2012/11/08 at 2:47 am

    Raspi ALU Case | Moebius has been added to my own favorites. I can not wait to learn even more about this topic.

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