Still here and now passing everything in beta.
Github main repository is working and final image is under testing. Kernel and system messages are now sent to serial console to speedup debugging but in the final release this must be changed to common stdout. There are few minor boot problems, line S0 is still respawning too fast, three fingers salute is missing from /etc/inittab and I’m not sure about the final kernel image, this one boots fine on RPi3 but there’re few things more to consider for keeping hardware compatibility with RPi1 and RPi2 as well.
I have now disabled remote containers in order to keep a working minimal image, I’ll tune them later. A lot of .deb packages are still missing, I’m now focused just on few things: GCC, binutils, editor and utilities

Sourceforge CHANGELOG is now on github as well, I’m also planning to move forums from SF to Github too but probably not so soon, binary image is more importand now.

Feel free to write issues on github if you want to do it, current beta image is now publicly released but it’s still a beta and it must not be used in production environments, you’ve been warned

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