Moebius System Utility Screenshots available !
Moebius System InformationAfter some internal tests and a busy period at the end of the year I finally have some news for the Moebius management utility. With this upcoming version I have also decided to rewrite the management utility, it has to be easy to use and really fast. Previous one was just a bash script, it worked fine for a while but was a pain to manage. As every script around it becomes messy when you need to start coding seriously, when the number of line increases everything becomes hard to handle. I have rewritten this utility, three times, but this one seems to be the good one.Moebius Utility Main Menu

I have started it with python (v3) like everybody else in this moment because it’s an obvious choice, it’s easy to use, readable and really effective for writing a system utility. My planned achievement was to have a small piece of code, portable, fast and without too much dependencies, after a while I totally rewritten it in C++. Now the only required library is libncurses and (and glibc) so I’m quite happy about how it works.Select Time Server (NTP)
I don’t have a cool name for it so I decided to call it just “moebius”, I guess you may remember its name when you need to deal with the distribution. I’m still in an early stage, basic features are already available and working but I’m far from having a complete and definitive utility like dpkg-utils. Here are some screenshots so you may figure out what it has available now, it’s really basic but it’s nice. “moebius” (the utility) is a command line tool, it can be executed without an user interface if you need to configure various aspects of the distro. It even has a menu based user interface, it uses ncurses only so you could execute it from every terminal around, I don’t have a GTK version planned because I don’t want to have dependencies from gtk libs or something else.Package Update
Internal package management is in its early days so please continue with apt-utils now, main efforts are now focused on sd autoresize and Pi hardware support, let me know what you think about it, I can still make changes to it.
Containers are not yet present but they’ll be enabled when I’ll publish them on github, moebius utility will be released as a common package on github so upgrading will be trivial.

Here are other images

Hardware Setup

Initial Configuration


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2 responses to System Utility Screenshots

  1. Josh on 2015/01/09 at 10:58 am

    Seems cool.
    But when this new release will be available ? have you already scheduled it with a date ?

    • ben on 2015/01/09 at 3:29 pm

      Even if I’m applying the “ReleaseWhenReady” policy (like debian does) I’m really close to the release date.
      I didn’t scheduled a release cycle with features for this version but I’ll surely upload new v2.0 in a couple of days.
      I have spent a lot of time on this release because there’re a lot of big changes, storage, memory consumption and various optimizations are really important here. I’m not close to a realtime system but I’m planning to grab some ideas from there to leave your raspberry free for your own job and not throated from an OS

      Subscribe to feeds and check frequently in the next days !