Moebius is still here.
It’s been a while since my latest post and latest updates. I stopped my job on it due to other problems and collateral activities. I also spent a lot of time planning what kind of evolution this project will have in the near future.
There’re so many linux distributions targeted to RaspberryPi and in general to different embedded appliances . The final intention is, and will always be, to create a minimal distro for covering basic tasks without wasting system resources.
I have definitively abandoned debian based distros, they’re too fat and not so minimal like in the early days.
I have spent few months with LFS and Cross Compile LFS techniques because I have always used them for different reasons in the past, but I dropped pure LFS approach because it’s really time consuming. I need to create a minimal distro but full hardware support is a must, even if in this moment tests are focused on Raspberry Pi boards it’s not so easy to squeeze every single cycle from it.
I’m now creating a barebone distro for: small home servers, specific tasks (home automation, real world interaction), photography and robotics. On this base core I’d like to have HFP (hardware floating point) support, Raspberry Camera module, GPU and I/O support. It has to have a small footprint, it doesn’t have to waste RAM (becase Raspi doesn’t have it), I don’t need to use fancy linux services and this distribution is not focused on enterprise ¬†or heavy loads but just quick and fast small services.
No systemd, udev (when not strictly needed), full blown ssh server (when dropbear is enough moreover), an heavy syslog server and so on if you know what I mean.
I’m also planning two different releases: read/write or read only mode, and maybe a switch to toggle between them; when you deal with unattended machines you don’t have to worry about your system because you’re using it as a common appliance (IoT anyone ??). After these new tests I’ll release a quite unusable image with ethernet support, bash, ssh and nothing more but I’m planning to create it to have a v2.0 release quickly.

Stay tuned for other updates

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