As you already know there’s a new upgrade for Model B boards, now that is possible to order more than a card and I have placed a new order for other Raspberry Pi cards.

The first card I have ordered is now running as a stable personal server, I’m not using it as a development station anymore but for doing for some serious stuff, the ALU case is its new enclosure and it’s intended as a stationary computing platform.

I’ve released the ALU case just because I’m still waiting for these new cards, production queue is still huge and I did it just for fun in my spare time…… and I’ve been luckily spotted on hackaday (thanks Brian)

Site visits and comments boosted suddenly in these days and I’m still trying to reply and give feedback to all of you.

As you may know  I have released latest 1.x image but few improvements are on the run and I didn’t tested them yet, there’s also a scratch version based on a raw ARM-HF toolchain without a package manager (it’s not based on Debian ARM-HF repo) but heavily optimized for disk and memory space. I’d like to test them and release some binaries as well as some source code as soon as possible. This is a very low budget project aimed to create an optimized and usable Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi card without frills, it’s not endorsed by capitals or organizations but it’s still going on. It’s now freezed for a while until these new units will arrive from Farnell.

If you can help or can give me some sort of feedback please let me know

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