A little new feature for you
With the new Moebius release I’d like to introduce you to Packages and Containers.
Moebius wants to be a distribution focused on specific tasks for your own personal appliance (robotics, home automation, small nas, game machine, internet radio, python devel, …) instead of trying to be a full blown distro with an huge package repository like Raspbian. This distribution uses .deb packages and apt-tools even if it’s not Debian based, packages have the same behavior of every other distro kicking around, you’re allowed to use apt-get or equivalent tools for your own daily job (package porting is also welcomed ! 🙂 ). But, due to project focus I promote the heavy use of virtual packages instead of specific version ones, so please use for example:

apt-get install python3

instead of

apt-get install python3-core python3-lang python3-db ...

Distribution is small enough to use it in this way. Virtual packages are not new stuff, many distros use them (Debian, Gentoo, Arch, …) so please use virtual pkgs.

A Container is a totally new concept, I have taken this idea from what I do normally in my daily job as system administrator. Instead of looking around, installing every single package when needed, configuring it, start|restart a service, … I have decided to create a sort of automated task where the “container manager” itself takes care of installing, configuring, patching, starting services for you. A container example for a special tailored distribution is something like “phpweb”, where php5+nginx+VariousModules+nginxConfig is installed, patched and configured for you.
Other containers may be called: “pythondevel” (fullblown python environment+editor tools), “drupal” (php5+sqlite+nginx), “RobotXY” (python+IO+I2C+…), “webcamera” (nginx+mjpeg-streamer+configs) and so on.
You don’t need to install a bunch of packages manually but the container manager can do it for you, you can even refine your configuration for your special fine tuning needs. This is a way for automating and fixing repeating tasks every time, expecially when you have a lot of identical machines (or repeating jobs) in front of you.
I’m now creating the moebius container manager and I’ll publish some ready made containers in the same public repository where .deb packages reside. In my concept idea you can even use a prebuilt container from the repository, download it in your local machine and customise it locally to better fit your personal needs, later on you can reuse the same container again in a new machine.
I’m still improving this idea and creating new containers, please drop me a note with your feedback and must-have containers or something you’ll use most. I’m also available for consulting or special Moebius images with your ready made environment if you need it.

Glad to read your notes 🙂

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One response to Packages and Containers

  1. Stan on 2015/01/31 at 12:26 am

    Nice! Keep the good job rolling!