I’ve been busy for a while, after some coding I’ve realized what it seems to be popular among Raspberry Pi users after building your own distro: building a personal case. I’d like to enter in the freak community of raspi case builders so I’ve created my own personal box.
In the next few days I’ll document it carefully with a lot of photos related to this job, it should be easily reproducible for folks usually dealing with a keyboard in one hand and a Dremel in the other.

This case will be added in a new hw section with many news and sw integration, I’m also focusing in providing an easy support for I2C bus, RTC, ADC support and other missing parts in the original Raspberry board. I’ve also purchased more raspi cards (now it’s possible, but don’t ask me about possible delivery timings…) to follow the sw branch (Moebius Distro), the hw branch (hw hacking) and have a fully working “production server”, please be patient because I’m still waiting these new cards like many of you

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