Here it is !
githubAs promised I have finally completed all the steps required for publishing a public repository on github, public key is already there as well as few test packages. I have always thought that publishing a .deb repository should be a no brainer operation or something really easy but I must admit it’s not that quick. I’m publishing everything on a public github repo so https is not an option but a requirement, I have already dealt with public keys, package signing stuff and a little bit of automation scripts required for speeding up basic tasks. Now I have learned something new and I have a new repo as well.
I won’t never have an huge package selection like Raspbian and this is not my final goal, I need to do few basic things but I need to do these well, I have started publishing: bash, python (2 and 3), nano and some few small utils. NGINX, php, amule, mediatomb, samba, spotify will follow shortly.

No secrets here, url will be: if you want to take a peek inside.
Repository is still growing but a final downloadable image is not ready yet. I’ll probably release an image when the management utility (now called “moebius”, a “raspi-config” like tool) will be useful and suitable enough. I’ll publish some screenshots of it in the next few days

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2 responses to New Repository ? Up and running !

  1. Vebryn on 2015/01/16 at 2:07 pm


    Your project seems good as I’m looking for a minimal distro for my Rasp. Concerning your repo, do you sync it with another repo ? Are fixes or new pkg versions pushed ?

    Best regards.

    • ben on 2015/01/16 at 2:42 pm

      I have created a complete toolchain for my own environment. The repo is not synced nor forked from someone else, it’s totally built from scratch. Packages (gcc, nano, mc, …) are taken from main sites (maintainers/creators) and patched with up to date patches for ARM. I have a 100Gb area where the build process takes place and a python script to sync it with github. I’m glad you like it even if it’s still minimal (~5800 packages), in this moment there are packages related to development tools and what I need to create other packages. I’ll surely add other useful tools not yet ported (ie: PHP) as well as daemons (http, ntpd, xmpp, dlna) and full fledged containers (mame) because other users are requiring it