No news on the Moebius core today because I’m working on the repository.
As you may know this upcoming release is not based on Debian anymore because I have built it from scratch.  I was considering to create my own package structure as well but I realized it might be an huge task and I need to concentrate my time and effort on this distribution.
I’d like to adopt a ready made package structure with a strong package manager utility. This distro is not source based but binary based, I have seen many alternatives and I finally opted to use .deb pacakges. Again: I’m not a Debian based distro but I’m using dpkg and apt-get utilities with my own created .deb files, seems to be a viable and easy solution to get a strong and stable package manager, comments welcomed.
.rpm and other package structures are fine for me but I think a .deb file might have few advantages in this particular distro.

I decided to borrow dpkg and apt-utils to easily manage my own software, that was the easy part.
Later on I created .deb packages, these are my first .deb creations so I dedicated a particular attention to the package structure but it wasn’t that hard.¬†Surprisingly I have wasted a lot of time in the repository structure, I’m not an experienced Debian repository creator so I need to dedicate some time and practice new skills on it, website documentation is excellent but it’s not so easy to understand everything related to “external” (read: not Debian) package repos.
githubI don’t have funding nor hosting services where I can upload my stuff so I have decided to rely on common free hosting platforms. I’m currently hosted on sourceforge but disk is limited and an huge repo might waste a lot of space, that’s why I decided to use even a public GitHub repository. I’m tempted to use github for releasing core image and .deb packages.
Creating a .deb repo might be a mess if you don’t know basic things (like me) and I literally spent days trying to figure how a deb repo should be created, forums didn’t helped me a lot so after many hours on trivial problems I have finally solved issues on my own. I literally wasted days on these stupid things but I guess problems are gone now and this release will see the light quickly

Repository is free and public to anyone, now contains just few packages, it won’t be complete like raspbian but it’s there and it’ll grow up quickly. First moebius release will be updatable with a common “apt-get update” command as usual.

I’ll keep you updated on advancements

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