I have finally received a confirmation from Farnell, after nearly two months and I’ve finally got an informative note about my new boards.

As you may know I’ve a scheduled pipeline for the development process and I’m using my current Raspberry Pi with a “stable” version of Moebius on it. Development stopped for a while in these days, after getting the original board in May (I guess I’m one of the lucky guys in the first batch) I’ve spent some time on it and I’ve released a running distro with Raspbian repo packages, I ordered new boards in the beginning of september so I can keep a board with a running Moebius and I can cross compile and make further tests on other boards.

I wish to keep a devel board on my desk with nightly builds and a stable board doing its own work somewhere else, that’s why I’ve ordered with a proper schedule new cards, this time from Farnell, they’ve assured to deliver cards in 5 weeks while RS Components gave me shipments between mid november and december. Now I’ve learned these delivery times were absolutely a fake and there’s no huge difference from those two suppliers, but at least I’ve also added few electronic components that were available only from Farnell (even if with pricey).

While spare electronic components placed in the same order already arrived here with the first shipment I’m still waiting for the Raspberry boards, even if I’m a little bit disappointed about delivery times at least I’m lucky enough to receive the 512Mb model. I’ve received few notes from users with this new board so I can now make some real tests and hopefully release an image for it as well (even if I’m still trying to keep just one image for everything)

I guess it could take a couple of days, I’ll let you know how it goes

Stay tuned

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  • Posted on 8. November 2012
  • Written by ben
  • Categories: General
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