But it’s still minimal !!!
I have decided to pack more software into minimal image, it’s growing up a little bit but it’s still minimal.
In my future release I planned to have a really small image with autoupgrade capabilities, few basic tools and software. It’s going to be a little bit bigger than planned but it will surely be under 100Mb of disk space so minimal requirements are still a common 128Mb SD card (if you’re still able to find them 🙂 )

root@moebius:~# df
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root               106967     91085     10148  90% /
devtmpfs                219772         0    219772   0% /dev
tmpfs                   223936       152    223784   0% /run
tmpfs                   223936        52    223884   0% /var/volatile

That’s because I have added these essential tools:

  • wget (swiss army knife for everything related to http tests), I’m not satisfied of what’s included in busybox, extended options are needed (https, trusted certs, save-header options, debugging features)
  • openssl and upgraded ssh libs, if you have spent some time in this planet lately you may know why
  • updated certificate files, sounds boring and space hungry but seems to be necessary if you want to rely on external https services
  • gpg/pgp. Now I have an official repository with selected debian packages (but it’s still not a debian based distro !) and this repo is using https, a trusted site is necessary and gpg/pgp utilities are a must
  • apt keyring utils, read above
All these tools are not contained inside busybox anymore, I’m using full blown versions of them, now you may know where space is gone.
keep going, new details soon…
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