moebius utility release 1.0.1,
As promised few days ago here’s a little change to the moebius utility, nothing fancy but just the prosecution of an opened task related to package management. It’s not so crucial so you may upgrade the package only if you want it but as you can see from the screenshot I have added few options in the moebius utility frontend (package management section).
Moebius Packages MenuAn user requested it in a forum post so here’s the official reply, as you can see there are easy menu options to:

  • complete package list in the repository
  • list of installed packages
  • search a specific package inside your repository list
  • install a package in your system
  • remove a package (purge) from your system

These function are not big news for an experienced Debian user, you can still use apt-get utils to get them but these information are not obtained from external tools (apt-query or similar) but only from dpkg and apt-get. A newbie can easily select/install/remove packages to the Pi without worrying about apt-get stuff.
I have also added the command line help so you can use moebius directly from command line to do something like for example installing a package:

~# moebius package install nano

Or remove an existing one

~# moebius package remove vim

But a complete list of options could be obtained with:

~# moebius --help

moebius system configuration utility v1.0
Usage: moebius [options]
    --help                 Display this help
    package        Package management utilities (see section below)

[Package Management Utilities]
    search         Search packages containing '' 
    install       Install  in this system
    remove        Remove  from this system
    list    [installed]    List of installed packages
    list    [all]          Complete list of every package available [default]
                           without args 'all' is the default, same command as 'search .'


Everybody with an installed 2.0 image version could make an upgrade with the moebius utility itself or with these two commands on console:

~# apt-get update ~# apt-get install moebius

I have also upgraded the image (.zip file in the download area) with the new .deb package (v1.0.1) so it’s already inside the image for newcomers.

Hope this helps

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