Minor glitches fixed and few addons.
I’m now testing older Pi boards to assure full compatibility with previous cards. This beta is fast but too optimized and focused on RPiv3 only, probably you don’t care or you have just the latest Pi Foundation board but I’d like to be sure to have a working image for older Pi v1 and v2 (models B and A) as well. I’ll probably loose few firmware optimizations but at least I can still use these boards as well. Pi Zero is sitting here in front of my desktop but I have never used it with Moebius, I’ll report how it goes with it too.

From currently downloadable image I have changed few things previously used for debugging:

  • kernel and system boot messages are now displayed on tty1 instead of ttyAMA0 (serial line), I was previously using it to speed up internal testing (with a serial line always connected to the pi to see its boot)
  • Serial line S0 deleted (S0 Line is respawning too fast, disabling it for 5 minutes…  message)
  • Added the three fingers salute shortcut to enable Ctrl+Alt+Canc reboot from keyboard
  • Disabled screen blanking

You’ll see these in the next beta release, comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

Please keep in mind that current image is still a beta and it’s not so stable, as already mentioned it works with Pi3 boards only and minor changes are needed or you’ll see what reported above. Let me finish basic tests with older board and I’ll release a stable image real soon.

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4 responses to Beta goes on, and hw tests too

  1. Thomas on 2017/02/15 at 9:36 am

    Do you plan to include a function that moves logfiles to RAM using Ramlog?
    I have started a discussion on this topic in support forum already:


    • ben on 2017/02/20 at 2:50 pm

      ramlog as well as a read/only FS capability, I’m not deeply into it because I’m still fixing kernel things and I’d like to have something ready, after it I’d like to have some sort of readonly mode (maybe even a minimal bootp/dhcp mode) in order to save SD cards

  2. Thomas on 2017/02/17 at 7:35 am


    I tried to install the Beta image on Raspi1 w/o success, means Raspi is not booting
    Can you share some information when you expect Moebius 3 is available for Raspi1?


    • ben on 2017/02/20 at 2:47 pm

      Same situation here, with linux kernel v4 and latest busybox I have compiled everything from scratch with latest blob binaries from broadcom… I guess I have optimized it heavily because my RPi1 boards cannot even boot. I have found the culprits and I’m testing/fixing busybox and kernel with two boards: RPi1 (the original, birth date 2011, it was a part of the first 10k batch!) with 256Mb and the latest 512Mb. I have lowered CPU compatibility (to match RPi1 and Zero) because I’m planning to be fully compatible with every board released.
      I guess I’ll have something bootable in the next 7/10 days (I’ll release beta2 real soon) before marking it as stable.