I’m currently working on an early v2.00 release of Moebius
I’m still on alpha on it but it looks promising.
I definitively decided to use my optimized repositories and leave raspbian repos where they are, you’re still able to use them if you need but it’s not mandatory anymore.
I’m heavily relying on busybox and optimized eglibc, glibc is still there but I’m trying to keep the smallest possible footprint. With kernel, bash (or ash) and ssh server (dropbear) I’m wasting ~20Mb of RAM and ~40Mb of storage and I’m still trying to reduce it even more; that’s the reason of the newly announced major release.
I finally decided the package manager and the package format, I’ll stick with .deb files even if I have wasted time to recreate a full blown build environment, I have also decided to keep the smallest footprint because this OS must serve your appliances and your own services and I don’t think you need to worry about it nor use it with a full desktop environment.
I’m currently implementing a new type of concept called “Container“, this would serve primary tasks and goals planned for this distro. A container is a bunch of Moebius packages (.deb files) mixed with proper configuration files, it’s something like a collection of virtual package but it represents a quick way to easily install your own solutions for your applicances. It must be something like having a ready made environment for specific tasks, example: phpweb (general webserver with: nginx+php+sqlite/mysql), PythonIO (robotics with: python, I/O libs, boost libs, …), Robot (robotics with: linux kernel + R/T patches, I/O, camera support), NetRadio, NAS, and so on.
Containers and the package manager are requiring a lot of efforts but an early beta preview with at least a running system may be ready shortly.
I’ll keep you updated


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