Installing Moebius from Windows

Here’s a quick guide for installing Moebius from a Windows machine, it’s basically like the previous one for Linux and OS-X but maybe windows users don’t deal dd utilities so often.

Here are few requirements

  • A blank SD card, this is where the system will be installed, any previous information will be wiped out
  • Latest version of Moebius, available from this site in the download area
  • 7Zip, WinZip or any kind of software capable of reading .zip files. Prepackaged images are released as .zip files
  • Win32 Disk Imager/Win32 Image Writer, it could be downloaded from here, it’s an utility for dumping files directly to your SD cards/Usb sticks/disks ad so on. You can use WinDD or any kind of disk utility like this one

Installation Steps

  • Download latest version of Moebius from the download area, you should have a file like “” (version number may change slightly..)
  • Use 7Zip/Winrar/… utility to decompress the .zip file, there’s just one file inside and it’s called like the .zip file but with the extension “.img
  • Open Win32 Disk Image utility and select “moebius_2.0.0-r1.img”, then select the destination drive where your SD card is present. Pay attention to the destination drive, everything in there will be erased. You should have something like

Ready to write changes to the disk ?

  • Hit “Write” button when ready, when you see the “Write successful” message box you’ve finished the installation
  • Take out the SD card and put it in the Raspberry PI SD slot, power it on and you’re ready to go

I’ve tried to keep this guide as simply as possible for a common Windows user but please leave me a note if there’s something to fix or if you’ve comments.

Now that you have a running system you can follow the original linux guide for a basic startup or refer to the documentation page for additional information

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  • Posted on 11. January 2015
  • Written by ben

4 responses to Installing Moebius from Windows

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  2. Jens on 2013/05/10 at 4:13 pm Reply


    the link for the win32disk imager is broken. The correct url is:

    • ben on 2013/05/13 at 10:08 pm Reply

      Thanks for the right link, just fixed it 🙂

  3. Eliquid on 2015/01/11 at 8:02 am Reply

    Owing for this. I uncovered a whole lot.

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