Installation Guide

This quick guide introduces you to the installation process of Moebius Linux
Before starting you need to have this material with you:

  • Your Raspberry PI card
  • an SD card , a 128Mb card size is enough, a bigger card is better but it’s not mandatory to have a 4Gb card for a minimal installation like other distributions requires. Please note that the installation process will wipe your card previous contents
  • Latest version of Moebius, it could be found here in our download area, just download the latest file. Everything in the download area is marked stable, no alpha or beta releases could be found there
  • dd” disk utility, you can use it from Linux or OS-X, Windows users need to use a dd port or programs like windd or diskimage, this installation process will describe what happens on linux command line but installation is basically the same on OS-X or windows as well
If you follow these four steps you will have a working system in less than 5 minutes
1) Download and decompress the image

As already written here you can grab the latest image from our download area, select the latest version and download the file locally, then extract the image


Filename may vary due to the latest download obviously. There’s just one file in the .zip archive with the same name of the archive, this is the image to use for your SD card.

2) Flash it to your SD card

To install the image in your SD card just use dd utility or any kind of graphical frontend for it, the process is really easy, like:

dd if=moebius_2.0.0-r1.img of=/dev/sdX

where “/dev/sdX” is your SD card mounted in your computer, use fdiskutil, dmesg, fdisk or any related utility to discover how your sd card is mapped in your PC, please pay attention to your device name, missing a device name or using your primary disk (your hd) may destroy your OS so check your settings carefully

3) Booting your Raspberry PI

In less than a minute dd finishes the process and you’ll have a ready made bootable card for your Raspberry. Just take it, power on your Raspi and have fun !
This is a barebone image, no fancy settings nor graphical interface, we’ve already informed you about it, after the boot process you’re ready to use your Rasberry PI from a common text login console, there are no additional users, root is the only enabled user, the default password is “moebius“, you can obviously change it after the first boot

4) moebius utility (and initial autoresize)

Start “moebius” utility after your first login as .bash_login suggests you, if you want to recall it later you can simply type “moebius” at the command prompt.
This utility allows you to adapt the image to your SD card space, in fact after the first boot your SD root partition has just a 90Mb disk space. Select the Autoresize option just after running moebius, it will reboot your Raspberry PI but it will resize your root partition to match your real space.
You can also set: your keyboard, your locale, timezone and display settings. Display Settings will allow you to change screen overlay on composite video out and change various stuff related to HDMI and PAL/NTSC settings as documented from original Raspberry PI website. I’ve decided to collect all these settings in just one place to facilitate the management. After this autoresize & reboot you have a working system.

Repositories and upgrades

This is now a totally new distribution, is not based on debian anymore even if it uses apt-utils for the internal package management, if you’re familiar with debian you may use: “apt-get update“, “apt-get install nano“, “apt-get purge gcc” and so on for common package management. These operations could be executed from moebius utility menus as well

 That’s it, Ideas ? just share !

Do you have any ideas or thoughts about the installation process ? just drop me a note on it and I’ll glad to improve the installation process

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  • Posted on 11. January 2015
  • Written by ben

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